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BRG Coastal Challenge

Walk…Run…Cycle…17½ miles of the beautiful Buchan coastline

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BRG Coastal Challenge Timings
The BRG Coastal Challenge is not a race it is a challenge, and if you have completed the course then, no matter whether you are first to Gardenstown, or fourth, or thirtieth, you should be proud of what you have achieved. To be able to complete the 17.5 miles of demanding terrain that is the BRG route is no mean feat! That said, participants like to know what time they've completed the challenge in and where in the field they came. So, you can have a look on the pages here to find your time (that we've noted for information and not necessarily 100% accurate), see how you've improved over the years you've taken part... and set yourself your own personal challenge for next year!
2013 BRG
SectionFirst Time

Full Results


Kevin Mutch


Full Results - Walkers 

Walking - Relays

 Deborah Maitland

& Alexandra Jagoda

4:20:15 Full Results - Walkers - Relays 
RunningGeorge French1:46:03Full Results - Runners
Running - Relay Team

Andrew Blackhall

& Ali Mathers

1:55:01 Full Results - Runners - Relays
CyclingJames Falconer0:50:59Full Results - Cyclists
2012 BRG
SectionFirst Time

Full Results

WalkingKevin Mutch3:27:30Full Results - Walkers
RunningDarren Strachan1:51:02Full Results - Runners
Relay Team

Lisa Stephen,

Robbie Youngson

and Stephen Milne

2:20:29 Full Results - Relays
CyclingJoel Robertson0:52:02Full Results - Cyclists

2011 BRG

SectionFirst Time

Full Results

WalkingJohnny Beedie3:33:30Full Results - Walkers
RunningStuart Mutch1:59:55Full Results - Runners
Relay Team

Jayne Watt &

Graham Clark 

2:20:29 Full Results - Relays
CyclingJoel Robertson0:59:58Full Results - Cyclists

2010 BRG

SectionFirst Time

Full Results

WalkingAnne-May Adams 3:42:52Full Results - Walkers
RunningAlan Reid1:53:48Full Results - Runners
CyclingStuart Pirie 1:10:00Full Results - Cyclists
2009 BRG
SectionFirstTime Full Results
WalkingHeather Hayter 3:49:40Full Results - Walkers
RunningRab Murray2:05:00Full Results - Runners
CyclingJohn Bond1:02:04Full Results - Cyclists
2008 BRG
SectionFirstTime Full Results

Lynette Oldman

Gillian McDonald

4:14:55 Full Results - Walkers
RunningCharles Noble 2:09:40Full Results - Runners
CyclingJohn Bond 0:58:56Full Results - Cyclists
2007 BRG
SectionFirstTimeFull Results
WalkingAnne-May Adams 4:01 Full Results - Walkers
RunningCharles Noble 2:08Full Results - Runners
CyclingBill Cowie 1:16Full Results - Cyclists